Financial Intelligence & Transparency

We are designed to solve financial challenges faced by business owners, property management companies and homeowners associations.  Using our experience and technology can reduce the workload of staff members, managers, employees and volunteers of your organization.  Improve your financial reporting systems by implementing our modern approach to bookkeeping, easy day-to-day operations processes, and 100% transparency of accounting records.


HOABooks was designed to make financial reporting understandable and transparent, with on-time monthly reporting to all members of your organization.


With click-to-pay you can approve ACH or regular checks that we mail to your vendors at no extra fee. We   support multiple users, including dual signature and payment tracking.


Set up automatic recurring charges to homeowners via free ACH.  Owners, renters and other customers can also pay online using e-checks, debit and credit cards.

Special Assessment

We manage the bookkeeping aspect of renovation projects with multiple contractors. Give to your vendors your P.O. Box Address and we will handle the rest so you and your team can focus on construction.

Safeguard Your Funds

Invoice payments are sent directly to your bank account.  We help you protect your funds from third parties who want to unnecessarily manage and hold your funds.

Annual Tax Return

We help your CPA prepare and file your annual tax return with the IRS. Our job is make sure your financials are always ready to comply with regulations.

Document Management

See all your documents in one place at any time on any device.  All your invoices and documents are stored securely in our system so you can access them when you need to.

Payroll Processing

We handle payroll and salary reconciliations. Using a payment processing company may be expensive. We process your payroll for free and reconcile the salaries of employees at no extra cost.

Expenses: Click To Approve & Pay

Set bill payment protocols so each invoice is first approved by a property manager and then paid by a Board Member: a click-to-pay solution.  Our technology allows for audit trial and secure payments to vendors via ACH or Paper Check. 

Meet your Reserves: Actuals vs. Budget

We monitor, reconcile and report your results versus your budget, no more surprises at the annual meeting.  Now, you will not only meet your budget, but you will understand it as well.

  • Flat Fee Based Service

  • On-Time Financials

  • Easy To Read Financials

  • Exceptional Bookkeeping


Because owners and board members deserve to know how their money is being spent. 


On the 10th of every month you will receive your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements electronically.


We operate in person and remotely.  We are one phone call or email away from you and your team.

Meet Your Online Accounting Team

P. Maida, CPA

Executive Director / Accountant

Accounting professional passionate about technology and real estate.

G. Coop

VP of Accounting & Operations

Experienced controller in charge of Associations success.

T. White

Board Member & Advisor

Harvard Business School executive bringing a customer focused strategy.

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